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An Innovative, Intelligent & Proven Software Solution Designed to Truly Reflect the Needs of Today’s Distributor

Now, more than ever before, the success of your business depends on the right combination of management skills, up to date financial information, sound control systems and the ability to track your stock in every conceivable way. And at the same time the type of customer service that builds up loyalty and high levels of repeat business needs to be maintained.

The selection of a software solution to provide this control and feedback can be one of the most crucial decisions your business makes. Because in today’s economic climate it is vital that the computer solution chosen incorporates all operational and management functions at both the point-of-sale and the back or general office.

Today’s Distributor needs to cope with the challenges of shrinking profit margins, fluctuating exchange rates, shorter credit terms from suppliers, rising labour and transportation costs and aggressive marketing by competitors.

Today’s Distributor can therefore no longer afford to compromise on the way their accounting & stock control system works.

STOCKMASTER is a specialised software solution for businesses in the distribution industry. Whatever your size, STOCKMASTER will be a good fit for your company and it can be further tailored to meet your own internal work flow and business process.

STOCKMASTER will assist you to:

Maximise Productivity

Reduce Your Inventory Investment

Improve Customer Service

And Much More!

Because of its modular design you can purchase the level of functionality you need now, and extend your system later. Because it is easy to implement, easy to learn and easy to use, it will quickly translate to productivity gains and cost savings for you.

STOCKMASTER will help you manage your distribution business better because it allows you to extract all the information you need quickly, easily and accurately. Its integrated modular design allows information to pass freely between the modules installed preventing any need to double enter any transaction saving valuable time and ensuring accuracy of vital data. It incorporates many functions and benefits not readily available in other product offerings. Functions and benefits that may well make the difference between success and failure in times of economic volatility.


STOCKMASTER comprises the following modules:

Point of Sale / Invoicing / Sales Orders / Quotes

This powerful module is the primary point of entry for all sales activity. The entry of a single transaction sets off a string of events updating Debtors where applicable, Stock, Sales Analysis and General Ledger. If desired this module allows you to record vital customer information which can then be used for sales follow-up, direct mail marketing, special promotions etc.

Stock Control / Inventory Management

As the nucleus of your system the Stock Control module keeps you right in touch with vital information on your stock usage. The success of any distribution business relies significantly upon your ability to track your inventory and STOCKMASTER allows you to do this in every conceivable way. From the time you order it, back-order it, receive it, warehouse it, transfer it, and ultimately sell it, STOCKMASTER is unparalleled in functionality and ease of use. This module is integrated to Point of Sale, Sales Orders / Invoicing, Debtors, Sales Analysis and Creditors.


This module provides even those with little accounting training with all the tools you need to run a tight account receivable system. Integrated to Point of Sale, Invoicing & General Ledger it will dramatically reduce your accounting costs, data entry and most importantly your time.


Smoothly integrating with Stock and General Ledger this module puts you in full control of your accounts payable. The Creditors module handles cash commitment reporting, creditor ageing, bank reconciliation, overseas currency conversions and more.

Purchasing & Goods Shipment Processing

This module allows you to closely monitor all receipt and purchase activity resulting once again in greater efficiency in your business. Automatic currency conversions are carried out where appropriate and reporting available highlights the differences between expected and actual receipt costs. Integrated to several areas within STOCKMASTER means less paperwork, less data entry, less human error etc.

Sales Analysis

Effortlessly and concisely this module puts control of your business exactly where it should be – back in your hands. You will be completely up to date and able to make management decisions based on current information rather than information that is days, weeks, or even months old. A full set of management reports is standard that are concise and easy to read and our native Report Writer allows you to define and produce your own customised sales analysis.

General Ledger / Financial Reporting

This module is the hub of your accounting system. All STOCKMASTER modules may be optionally integrated into the General Ledger again reducing data entry, human error and paperwork. You are able to process your general ledger, debtors and creditors all on separate period end dates if you wish and the powerful Report Writer enables you to produce up to the minute financial statements without the need for lengthy month end updating.


You may choose to operate this module free standing or integrate it to the General Ledger module. Either way it provides you with all the benefits you would expect from a comprehensive payroll system. These include up to nine separate payrolls which may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly; superannuation accruals and reporting; employee history and personnel reporting; group certificate printing and reporting; tax coefficient tables; pay-slips, and full transaction audit reporting etc.


Really improve your customer service and stay ahead of your competition. This recently released module is proving to achieve both these objectives quickly and cost-effectively for the distributor who employs Sales Representatives to call on customers.

It will allow your sales people to have quick and easy access to their customers sales history and do price look-ups etc "on the road" or at the customer site, utilising this innovative software module together with a Hand-Held PC.

The ability to handle Invoicing will soon be included.


Today’s Business Manager can no longer afford to compromise with their accounting & stock control software system. Today’s Business Manager needs a software solution that is as flexible and responsive as the distribution business it serves. Today’s Business manager needs STOCKMASTER.


STOCKMASTER is another quality software product authored by Hatfield Integrated Technologies Pty Ltd.


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